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Reservation terms & conditions

  1. Our restaurant reserves the right to keep the table for customers for 30 minutes from the booking times. If the customers are unable to arrive on time, please call to let us know in advance.
  2. If the customers would like to change the number of seats, please notify us at least 1 day in advance; otherwise our restaurant will reject customers who exceed the reserved amount.
  3. Since our restaurant does not keep a reservation deposit. If the customer would like to cancel the reservation, please inform us at least 3 days in advance, so that we can give rights to other customers.
  4. Pickled eggs with fish sauce is not a regular menu. We will cook for the customer who orders in advance only. We uses eggs that are guaranteed to be eaten raw. We do it clean and fresh every day. If the customer has never eaten this type of food, we do not recommend. If there is a problem with your health, we will not be responsible in any case.
  5. The restaurant has the right to refuse service if it is found that the customer has sold the reservation queue to another person.
  6. The restaurant alley is a private area. When the store's parking lot is full, the customers can check the parking lot at “how to get here”. Please do not park in the alley that is not the area of the restaurant.